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  1. phathaibangthuocdkqt
    25.05.2018 06:06
    What is medical abortion, safe, painful, how much? How to use medical abortion, where effective.
    Use abortion pill is always the first choice of sisters when missed pregnancy unwanted. However, not many people understand what pregnancy drug suspension is. Where to buy abortion pill prestige. In the article below, we will answer in detail.
    Sisters can visit here. Experts from the HCMC International Clinic will help you to provide specific advice and free of charge.
    What is abortion?
    Drug abortion (or medical abortion) is a form of early termination. Unplanned pregnancies may apply. However, to ensure abortion drugs use the correct procedure, dosage. Siblings should go to a reputable specialized medical facility.
    All pregnancies under 7 weeks of age, and all pregnancies in the uterus, can be abortifacient. In addition, women with no history of cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, nervousness, coagulation disorders. Or the body is not allergic to the ingredients of the abortion pill.
    Is it possible to take 1 month of age with a pill?
    1 month of age is equivalent to 4 weeks of gestation. At this time, the fetus has not completely moved to the uterus. 1-month-old fetus with medication should not be taken. Because abortion pill easily cause placenta pa, miscarriage, stillbirth.
    If you still intend to terminate your pregnancy, you should wait until your baby is 5 weeks old. At this point, the baby has moved completely into the uterus. The suspension of pregnancy will have a radical effect. Thai is pushed out of the body completely. There are no survivors.
    Note: Before taking the abortion pill, you should go to the medical examination and examination. If qualified, the doctor will advise you in detail.
    Is abortion safe?
    Compared to traditional abortion methods, safer drug abortion. The efficiency of the method can be up to 98%. The uterus is absolutely protected by the use of non-medical devices. Complications such as infection, uterine perforation, uterine lacerations ... so do not occur.
    The body quickly recovers from abortion. Do not induce any adverse effects on reproductive health. Usually, after a week, your health has completely recovered.
    After 2-3 months, sisters can get pregnant again. But if you do not intend to become pregnant, you should have sex safely.
    How to abort by medication
    After medical examination and qualified for termination of pregnancy. Pregnant women will be given the first oral contraceptive pill. This drug works to prevent the development of the fetus.
    After 24-48 hours after taking the first abortion pill, the women go back to the medical facility to take the second pill. This pill will cause a strong uterine contraction, bringing the pregnancy forward. It is like spontaneous abortion.
    Note: You absolutely must not abort your own medication at home. Doctors advise you to go for antenatal care at a reputable medical facility, to determine exactly what is appropriate for your medication. If you do not qualify for the drug, your doctor will advise you on how to terminate your pregnancy
    Where can I buy drugs for abortion?
    The question that many women are anxious to buy abortion pill where prestige. Experts said, according to the Ministry of Health. Drug abortion is only permitted in specialized hospitals from the district level upwards. Or clinics licensed by the Department of Health.
    Similarly, abortion pills are only sold at pharmacies, clinics under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.
    Therefore, if you choose to buy abortion drugs online or at retail pharmacies. You can easily buy low quality drugs, counterfeit drugs. The use of these drugs did not work as expected. Even, they cause unpredictable dangers.
    The risks of abortion at home with drugs
    Pregnancy with medication is highly appreciated for its safety. However, that is when you perform at a reputable medical facility. And there are instructions, close monitoring of the specialist.
    In many cases, women want to save money to buy abortion pills to use at home. The use of drugs arbitrary, not the right medicine, not enough dosage, way. The risk of complications such as miscarriage, haemorrhage ... Risky more can lead to death.
    Taking abortifacient medication when the pregnancy has not entered the uterus causes abortion to fail. The fetus develops but is at high risk for deformities, delayed development, stillbirth.
    The cost of medical abortion is expensive
    The cost of medical abortion is so much that many women are concerned about. Because everyone wants to get the best mental and economic preparation when forced to terminate the pregnancy. Often, the cost of medical abortion is much lower than that of a surgical abortion. The main costs that women pay when taking abortion pills are:
    Pre-abortion screening and examination
    - Medication for abortion
    - Fee for caring,
  2. phathaibangthuocdkqt
    25.05.2018 06:05
    Abortion by drugs is a method of using drugs to stop pregnancy safely and reliably. Today's society is more open, more relaxed about sex, so unwanted pregnancy increased. The technical development of abortion has been much simpler. Currently there are abortions by medical abortion and surgical abortion (also known as non-abortion abortion).
    pha thai bang thuoc
  3. phathaibangthuocdkqt
  4. phathaibangthuocdkqt

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